Best Guide On How To Use Hair Clippers

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Haircuts from professionals or a hair stylist can get expensive. Many people are looking for alternatives to these expensive hair stylists. Home Hair Clippers are an excellent option for them. Using a hair clipper is not only easy, and fast it is also cost effective. A good hair clipper for a home can be bought as low as 20$ and is durable. Home hair clippers can be used by people themselves in the comfort of their bathrooms, avoiding the nuisance of small prickly hairs in shirts. Our site has a broad range of home and professional hair clippers. A leading fashion and beauty website reports that more people these days are using hair clippers at home to style themselves.

Now that you have purchased a home hair clipper for yourself let’s see how to use it

● Think of the hairstyle you want to achieve. Every hair clipper comes with some attachments, and these allow you to cut hair to various lengths. Clippers come with adjustable blades which help to cut your hair close to your ear or head or cut it as long as you want.

● Decide on where you want to cut your hair. Usually, the bath area is the best place to cut your hair as it can be cleaned easily. Make sure to remove the hair as it can clog your drain if flushed. Consider investing on a clipper that has bags attached to catch hair from flying around. Use a cloak around the neck, which fits snugly to prevent hair from sticking to your dress

● If you have had a shower, this is the best time to cut your hair. Clipping on dry hair is difficult as the hair does not remain in a place and cuts can go haywire. Also, make sure that your hair is clean from hairspray or any hair gels so that the blade does not slip due to extra lubrication of hair.

● Keep a comb handy, brush the hair to the desired style. Always run the clipper in the direction opposite to the hair growth. To cut hair at the back of the head, tilt it slightly forward and begin cutting.

● Work from the bottom of the head and move upwards and around the sides. Take time to check how even you have each portion of the hair. Work on small portions of hair, choosing a large area of the hair to cut you might end up with a botched job. Usually, you will want a close cut at the back of the neck and also at the sides near your ear.

● For long hair, take a small portion of hair at a time and cut the hair along the edge of the hair using a clipper. For uneven hair that was missed by a clipper, use sharp scissors. Use scissors to get an even finish or a jagged look.

● After cutting the hair, clean your clippers using the brush provided in the kit. Hair lying in the blades should be cleaned, apply a disinfectant to clean the blades and then use a lubricating oil, preferably the one that came with the home clipper pack

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