Thinking Of Trying Lipogaine? Read This Now!


The worst nightmare of any guy or girl in their mid-20s, is the thought of having to tackle premature hair loss. Nowadays, it’s quite common to see young people suffer from the effects of hair loss. Many people spend thousands of dollars on over the counter medications, before they even find anything that could effectively put an end to their woes.

Have You Ever tried Lipogaine?
One of the best hair loss reversing solutions in the market right now, Lipogaine can be described as nothing less that a miraculous wonder, a product that many around the world now owe a debt of gratitude to. As mentioned in, this nifty product has helped thousands of poor bald-headed guys and girls, regain not just their lost hair, but also the confidence they lost with it. Treatment with Lipogaine is pretty much intensive, and this accounts for most of the success stories that we hear related to this product.

What’s In Lipogaine?
Lipogaine is a unique product, so needless to say, the ingredients will be just as special as the whole product. The ingredients have been chosen with a lot of care, so as to create a potent formula, capable of holding up against the enormous challenge of bringing back one’s lovely tresses.

Let’s take a brief look at what’s inside this highly effective hair loss product.

1: Minoxidil
This is the key ingredient in Lipogaine. Minoxidil is the one ingredient that you are bound to come across while scanning the popular hair regrowth products that are currently in the market. Its main function is to stimulate hair growth. It has gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US.

2: AzetinolTM
This is another name for Azelaic acid. This is quite useful in treating hair loss, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to inhibit the action of Dihydrotestosterone, usually called DHT, a main culprit in triggering male pattern baldness. Lipogaine uses AzetinolTM, gained from processing grains that are rich in oleic, fatty and linoleic acids.

3: Castor Oil
Castor oil is a strong antioxidant, and has been used as a traditional remedy against hair loss, for a very long time now. Loaded with ricinoleic acid, it performs the dual action of preventing hair fall, as well as stimulating hair regrowth. Apart from this, castor oil tackles the other subsidiary scalp problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, infections, etc. The pH balance of the scalp can be easily maintained while using Lipogaine, thanks to this particular ingredient.

4: Biotin
Biotin is a vital micronutrient that ensures the growth of strong hair, with a dramatic reduction in brittleness.

5: Caffeine:
Who said coffee is just for drinking? Caffeine has been proven to be of immense benefit when used in hair regrowth formulations like Lipogaine.

6: Saw Palmetto
Don’t be fooled by the size of this puny-sized palm plant from the continent of North America. This ingredient packs a definitive punch, as it delivers much-needed fatty acids and phytosterols. This ingredient has been known to reverse the effects of hair loss, by tackling the low levels of testosterone in the male body.

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